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152150, Russia, Yaroslavl region,
Rostov, Savinskoye Highway 36

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Certificate of Conformity No. V.R. 21.1.5433-2012

This certificate proves that the quality management system covers the production, maintenance and repair of products made by Rostov optical and mechanical plant.

JSC Rostov optical and mechanical plant is one of the leading Russian industrial key companies working in the area of development, mass production and repair of optical & mechanical and optoelectronic systems and devices for special and civil purposes.

Quality of our products provides quality of our life!

The trade mark "ROMZ" is world renowned without exaggeration . About 30% of the nomenclatures of the output products are upgraded annually.

Our developed designs  and products correspond to the highest level of global science and technology standards and they are used for enhancing of the defense potential and safety of our country, recreation, tourism and hunting.

The latest models of night vision devices, night sights and observation instruments are without peers in the global safety industry.

Quality and unique character of products represent one of the utmost goals for the company to achieve.   

The major activity of the company is the production of optical instruments for fire control systems (FCS) on military armored vehicles (AV).

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